August1960In 1959, Don Padgett started his own automotive repair business.  Employing only himself to start, he later enlisted the help of his wife, Barbara, to take care of the books and on some late nights, assist in light mechanical work such as  pushing on a brake pedal to bleed brakes, holding shop lights and sometimes a tool or two.  Hard times but good times too.

As the years progressed, Don &Ridgecrest Automotive Barbara grew their business and their
family.  Eventually Don’s brother, John Padgett, came aboard as business partner and they expanded the business to include the Chevron gas station next door.  The brothers worked hard and had many good people work for them over the years.  Business grew along with our surrounding community.

It is our goal to continue to provide the kind of service and customer satisfaction that has been the
hallmark of our business since its inception.  The next generation of the family continues to work to earn your patronage and continue his legacy of hard work, caring service and local support for the community. We  look forward to taking care of all your automotive needs.